Social Media – Hints and Tips

In the spirit of sharing at this time of the year, let me direct you to a couple of quick hints and tips which may help in making social media work for you.

Four social media wins from the UK and US, plus the lessons you can learn, highlights ideas that range from; Offer something of value, show people behind the scenes, offer a deal, and show people what your business does. Not only are these things any business can do, but they all make perfect business sense and can be part and parcel of your marketing/sales activity. A lot of social media success stories tend to be from large companies so it’s nice to be able to share some ideas from the small business sector. Even more appealing are that these ideas can be used in your own business, and can be implemented without a huge marketing budget.

Social media can be a huge subject and some SEO type solutions can make you feel that unless you are a mathematical genius with a multi-million budget it just isn’t going to happen for you. But if can, one way is to keep it simple. This 10 step plan for getting on PR1 of Google offers some straightforward advice and hints. Maybe take one or two ideas, try them out and see how they work for you.

One other approach that can work well is to review what you find appealing in social media that you use, and are familiar with. It doesn’t have to be business related, it could be your hobby or sport. Start to evaluate how they work, what factors they use that work well, then adopt those ideas for your business. As an example, I though text messaging (or SMS) was over-rated and over hyped as a communication tool. Once I started getting reminders from my dentist, and from my local garage I started to figure this was not only a useful medium, but one that added value and made the business relationship stronger. So try some new ideas and let us know how it goes, and share with us your success or what didn’t work.

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Robert is based in the UK and enjoys being involved in marketing and business development, with experience ranging from the IT services industry to social housing, and currently in B2B with a market leader. His interest and enthusiasm for small business arose after two years of digital marketing experience with a not-profit organisation in the UK, helping people start up in business, as well as providing mentoring and online business support advice. This period also made him enthusiastic to personally contribute in this area, and become involved in business forums.

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