Obama Care DMV’s dumb ass Uncle?

In November I relocated back to Southern California for family reasons; for the past year and a half I had been living in Las Vegas.  I had bought a car two months prior to moving to Las Vegas in Southern California and a couple of months after getting to Vegas I went to DMV and registered my car in Nevada.   Now here is where it gets befuddled for a lack of a better G rated word; now that I was back in California and knowing I would need to reregister my car in California I went to the DMV website and made an appointment; this should be simple right?  The car came from California, they have the info in their system, punch in a couple of things on your PC and zip, zap, pay the fee, here’s your plates, have a nice day, come again soon!  YEAH RIGHT!

So I get to DMV I have an appointment, no line, so I’m thinking great… I tell the lady what I want; she gives me a number and says they’ll call your number in a few minutes, nearly an hour later my number comes up; so much for the appointment and not having to wait right?  I go to the window tell them what I want, the lady says well you need to get the address of the finance company, I said no problem I can look that up; she says “sorry no cell phones allowed at the window” but not to worry she tells me just go back to the appointment window and they will take care of you.  So I look up the address for Lexus Financial put it in with the DMV code that is required, which takes all of 30 seconds, go back to the appointment window, and guess what she gives me a number, and I wait another 45 minutes to be called.  This lady tells me I need to go around back to get my vehicle inspected, I asked why, it was from this state originally; doesn’t matter because they need to ensure it all matches up and I don’t have a stolen engine in the car; because I couldn’t put in a stolen engine  after they inspected it right?  And why didn’t they tell the first time I was at the window that I needed this, but whatever I said ok I’ll go back and get it inspected, she says sorry we closing its five o’clock… I said but I’ve been here for nearly 2/12 hours, she tells that I should have made an appointment.  I nearly went postal at DMV;  I hope you get the irony in that statement.

So I am telling you this because if this was a private company it would be bankrupt; they have 35 people doing what 4 should be doing, and those 35 can’t find their ass from a hole in the ground.  This was a simple matter of registering my car, how in the hell is the government going to handle my health care?  DMV is managed or perhaps mismanaged would be a better phrase on the state level, Obama care is on a national level, if we can’t even get a simple process in place to register a vehicle, than Obama care is pretty damn scary.

Here is something to consider; according to quantcast.com over 80 million people per month go to Amazon.com and they seem to run pretty smoothly.  I just placed two orders less than 48 hours ago, the site was fast, it was efficient, and I got both orders in my mailbox today and considering this is the Christmas  Season meaning they no doubt are considerably more busy than usual that was  pretty good.  This can be said for most major companies, whether it is eBay or Apple or any other major retailer; so I am thinking we should just privatize everything…  Capitalism works, big government does not.  How many lines will people have to stand in to get their temperature taken before they realize this?

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