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Linked-in is a major social media for professionals, that offers opportunities to find other professionals and get introductions, write your own personal profile, join relevant groups and get the latest industry news and comments, and provides a platform for your company profile. For those with limited experience of using social media or linked-in here’s a couple of recent useful articles to help direct your activity.

This infographic provide a useful starting point in how to consider using linked-in as part of your social media efforts. With enticing stats showing that Linked-in has 3x higher visitor to lead conversions than twitter and Facebook, and that over 37% of businesses have built new relationships with customers, it’s tempting to get out there and sell, sell, sell!. But remember this is social media we are talking about, in a professional environment, where a backlash to any crude sales efforts can do far more harm than any benefit from spamming the world about your product/service. There are some good practical tips in this infographic, so let me add one more, get to know your audience. Take part in the groups (forums) that they belong to, see who they are following, take a good look around the site and learn how to use it properly before setting out to influence/persuade your audience. .

One strong element of linked-in its networking ability to get connected to others. A strong feature if this is sending messages to other members. The
following article
demonstrates four ways to write linked-in messages that have an impact. It’s a handy guide which shows understanding the medium is key. For instance writing a quick resume to introduce yourself, rather than assuming that people will click through on your profile to find out more.

If you’re already on linked-in why not share this article, or comment on your experiences. If linked-in is all news to you why not sign up now and find out what it can do for you.

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