Why Social Media Makes Customer Service More Important Than Ever

Customer service has always been an important aspect of any company; and it always will be; good customer service creates good PR which creates free marketing from the source which of course is the customer, and this type of marketing is precious because it can only be given not bought.  The same of course is true of the opposite; bad customer service creates bad PR which creates what I call negative marketing.  Social Media has expanded on this in a substantial way on both sides of the customer service spectrum.

In the old days before the Internet and before social media, while bad customer service was certainly not something any company should be happy about, it was possible for it to fade quickly.  Let’s face it, if you get bad customer service you might moan about it to a friend or two if it comes up in relevant conversation, but beyond that, you will have soon forgot about it and the same is true today, but the difference is today when you are still thinking about it and you jump on Facebook or Twitter and mention it then friends of yours will see it, and some of them might have had a similar experience with the same company, and their friends, and their friends and so on and the bad press will spread like wild fire and won’t go away after a day or so.  On the flip side, the same can happen with good customer service and is likely to spread much faster than in days  of old because of the exponential reach of Social Media.

Social Media can and should be used by every company to help improve customer service; someone in your organization should be monitoring Social Media and your company’s online reputation to help you improve the customer experience.  Social Media offers incredible tools to help business today both small and large alike.  Understanding what your company’s reputation is will give you insight about what your customers are saying about you, what they like, what they don’t like, and what you need to do to make your customer service better.

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