Why Customer Experience Management is important

The customer is the life blood of every company; regardless of the size of your organization you need customers. That being said many small businesses miss an important aspect of the sales cycle; the customer experience. Many customers lag on following up to ensure the customer is happy with the product or service they purchased. The deal is not over just because you have been paid. It is important to follow up with the customer, to make sure they are satisfied, and to make sure their experience with your company was a good one.
Customer Experience Management (CEM) should be an integral part of your customer strategy. As a business you need to strive for high customer retention. You want that customer coming back again and again over the years, and you want them to spread the word about your company. Word of mouth is better than any advertising you can buy especially in the modern world of social media; but you want to make sure that word of mouth is good. Bad social media press can hurt a company for years to come.
The idea of CEM is to optimize the customer experience by looking at it from the customers perspective in order to ensure customer loyalty. Having a customer experience strategy is important and is something that every employee should be involved in, not just sales people. Whether the sale is done in person, over the phone, or online, you need to ensure that the customer received what they paid for, and that it was a seamless experience leaving them satisfied and wanting to come back in the future.
CEM requires that you understand your customer, that you understand their needs and their wants, and their expectations of you as a company. Customer feedback is a good way to do this whether that is in person, a phone survey, or an online survey. You need to understand what makes your customers tick, what’s important to them, and what’s going to make them continue to do business with you. Price is important to customers, but not always the most important; customer service is often more important than price.
In the end you need to monitor your customers experience as a whole and find out what is making them happy and what is not.

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