Time Audit; are you using your time at work effectively?

I have discussed in the past the importance of managing your time and one of the things I have heard people say is “Time went by fast and I didn’t have time to finish everything that was on my To-Do list today”.  One thing that I know for sure is that time does not go quickly or slowly; now I am not a Physicist but I know one thing for certain and that is the passage of time is constant; the universe is not out to get you, it doesn’t speed time up just to screw your day up.  The passage of time is the same as it has always been and always will be.

Time is a created thing. To say “I don’t have time” is to say “I don’t want to.”

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A Tribute on Memorial Day

This coming Monday is Memorial Day, which is much more than the place marker for the beginning of summer, much more than a day to barbecue with family and friends, much more than a day to sit at the pool with a beer and enjoy the fact that the weather is good and that you have the day off of work. We are privileged in this country; we go about our lives without fear of oppression, there is no danger of stepping on a land mine, or being shot by a sniper while walking our kids to the bus stop.  We live in a free and capitalistic country where we are free to start a business and reap the fruits of our labors. You might ask yourself why I am writing about this in a business blog. Continue reading

Emailing your Network and the BCC Field

Today I received an email from a LinkedIn contact to share some information that they felt was pertinent and that I needed.  It really wasn’t  but that’s OK  I don’t mind… What I do mind is that he decided to send this email to everyone he knew and he put us all in the TO or CC field.  That means that everyone he emailed (and it was dozens) now have my email address.  I consider this to be in essence bad business manners.  I gave him my email address; I did not give it to everyone that he knows…. Continue reading

Using your marketing budget wisely

Recently we looked at how to prepare a budget for marketing. So let’s assume that regardless of what method you used, you now have a marketing budget. So now for the tough choices, how do you spend it wisely?

Well that’s a bit unrealistic. You will have plenty of ideas for how to spend your budget. Just by working out your budget you will probably already have decided what promotional activities you need to get involved in. But there is a big gulf between recognising that you need to “advertise” and deciding how you are actually going to do that. The challenges are also slightly different depending upon your type of business. If you are a well-funded start-up with a strong business plan that has been approved by banks and investors, your challenges may be the same, but your focus will differ to the small one-person business just starting out, which is probably self-funded with limited resources. Much of this article will be more relevant to these latter micro-business. Continue reading

Memorial Day – A Day To Remember…

As I lay here cold and scared, in this ditch I lay aware as life escapes and death overtakes this body I have given to both God and State, with sweat and blood running down my face as my enemy seals my fate. I came here of my own free will to fight the Kings men with my brothers and friends so that all may be free to live and to pray, free of England’s folly and her unholy ways. I came here young, I came here strong, I came here with both muzzle and blade, I came to be free of King George and his army and to break the chains he has thrown upon me. I came to fight, I came to kill, I came to send those Redcoats straight to hell. I fired once, and I fired twice, and I charged the hill with all my might, I gutted one and shot two and three they had to die so we could be free. Their numbers were many their weapons were strong, but they fought our will which too was strong. We desired to be free of England and its ways, to be free of taxes and kings and forced religion and queens. Continue reading