Email thousands of potential prospects without spamming – Too good to be true?

Every business wants the ability to be able to advertise to a large audience at one time, which is why email marketing became so popular.  There has been a system around for quite some time called “Safe Lists” which allows you to email hundreds, even thousands of people without spamming, without having to build an opt in list, and for little or no cost.

The way these safe lists works is you sign up with a company and you agree to let other “members” email you, and by doing so you are also allowed to email them based on the emails you are receiving.  You get “credits” which allow you to email the other members through the system, and you can also purchase credits.  Some of these “Safe Lists” companies have thousands of members, that you could potentially email every single day, sounds good right?  Here is the problem, most of those members use a junk email account just for this purpose and never look at those emails, so in effect you are just wasting your time.  The company running this service is really the only one that is getting anything out of it. Continue reading