Emailing your Network and the BCC Field

Today I received an email from a LinkedIn contact to share some information that they felt was pertinent and that I needed.  It really wasn’t  but that’s OK  I don’t mind… What I do mind is that he decided to send this email to everyone he knew and he put us all in the TO or CC field.  That means that everyone he emailed (and it was dozens) now have my email address.  I consider this to be in essence bad business manners.  I gave him my email address; I did not give it to everyone that he knows…. Continue reading

Behind you, or in front of you; which direction are you looking?

In life there are two types of people; those that are responsible people, and those that are irresponsible people.  In business the same is true; there are responsible business people and irresponsible business people; whether you run your own company or you work for someone else you have most likely seen both types. It’s quite easy to spot an irresponsible person in business, this is the person who never takes responsibility for their actions; it’s never their fault, it’s always someone else’s fault; whether it’s a failed project, a missing deadline, going over budget; whatever the scenario it’s never their fault, it’s always someone else’s fault. Continue reading

Everyone just wants free money.

Is it just me or are more and more companies just not wanting to put in the work to make the money?  Every company wants to make money, I mean after all that is why we are in business right?  But some of the people running these companies don’t seem too interested in doing the work that it takes to build a business and to build an income, they just want to make money now and they don’t want to put in the work.   I recently had a deal with a U.S. call center to do sales for a project that I am running (and running quite successfully using overseas call centers) and we negotiated and agreed on a commission price and this was a pretty sweet deal for them because we were already running this project, so there was no guess work, we already knew what worked, what didn’t, we knew how many calls an agent had to make in a day and how many sales per agent was being generated and we shared all this information with them. Continue reading