Kissing the cows.

Marketing is a funny thing, every company has their definition of what it is and how it should be used, but one thing is for certain, you can’t run a business without it.  That being said, just because you are marketing doesn’t mean you are a “smart marketer”.  So many companies throw good money after bad money trying to make a campaign successful and each time they write a check their ROI is just getting pushed lower and lower into the gutter.  So many companies spend their marketing dollars chasing the customer without any real plan or strategy.

There is an old saying about two bulls, one old and wise, one young and inexperienced sitting on top of a hill overlooking a bunch of cows that are grazing in a field, and the young bull says to the older bull, “lets run down there and kiss one of those cows”, the old bull says, “no lets walk down and kiss them all”.  I have cleaned up this saying a bit for the sake of this article, but you get my drift.  Marketing is sort of like this, if you run after your potential customers, without thinking things through, you are bound to catch some of them, however if you take the slow and easy approach and think about what you are doing,  instead of just going off half cocked, you are bound to create more customers.  Marketing is not just a way of advertising, which is just a small part of it; marketing is about strategy, about planning what you are going to do in advance in order to create the best possible outcome and getting the best bang for your advertising buck.  The young bull represents advertising without thinking it through, just throwing money out there and hoping someone responds, the old bull represents the marketer who takes his time and creates a strategy that will best serve the company and that will maximize his marketing dollars and bring in the most business.

Marketing is all about strategy, without it you are just chasing a bunch of cows hoping to catch one, when what you should be thinking about is catching them all.