Are Digital Marketers Responsible For Results?

There seems to be a new culture of expectation among advertisers who utilize digital marketing as a medium; and for the record this is the biggest advertising medium there is.  Advertisers who do not get the click, views, whatever the case may be,  are coming back to the marketing company and holding them responsible.  Since when did the marketing company become responsible for sales?  In the past they were not; and even today in traditional marketing they are not held to this standard.  If you were to purchase prime time space on one of the big networks during prime television you would not hold NBC, CBS, or ABC responsible if you did not get the sales that you wanted.  Why would you?  All they did was air your commercial, that’s what their responsibility is.  If you place a quarter or half page ad in People magazine you do not hold People Magazine responsible for the number of sales that you get off of that ad, their job was to deliver a certain amount of magazines with your ad in it, nothing more. So why are digital marketers held to a different standard than traditional marketers? Continue reading

Has the Internet changed The Fundamentals of Marketing?

A couple of years ago I wrote the following article about whether or not the Internet has changed the Fundamentals of Marketing, and since then I have read many articles relating to this topic and I have had many conversations with both professional colleagues and students about whether these fundamentals still apply and whether the Internet needs its own set of Fundamentals. I recently found a site touting the 10 fundamentals of online marketing and while the information was sound, much of it was very familiar in the sense it could be found in one way or another in the Fundamentals of Marketing and the rest were not really what I would consider fundamentals but more basic marketing common sense. I encourage you to click on the link above and read them, and then read on what I have written and you decide. Continue reading