Who’s your Daddy? It’s not GoDaddy.com

When writing this blog I make it a point to try not to complain or whine about things that I don’t like, like so many articles I read do, I make every attempt to make my articles informative.  But I am going to break my golden rule of complaining and whining today and do it anyway.

My company uses godaddy.com for its hosting and has for the last three years or so, we use them because they are inexpensive, and they don’t have an overage of technical issues, however I have a major issue with them.  Godaddy takes it upon themselves to determine what is spam and what is not and those emails that they determine are spam, they don’t allow to be delivered.  Now you don’t have to tell me that every host and ISP does this, I know this, after all I am the CEO of a company that offers Email Marketing services and I have over 15 years in that particular industry, but Godaddy goes beyond what everyone else does, they don’t just subscribe to the blacklists that everyone else does, they make their own rules.   They block emails based on content and they even block content based on attachments between a company’s internal email communications.

My company is currently in the process of creating a new updated website, and yesterday our programmer emailed me some files for me to approve and none of those emails came through to me based on the content of those files.  Exactly how was information sent internally on content for our website presenting any type of issue for anyone?  My issue is, who is Godaddy to make the decision of which emails I get and which I don’t get?  I pay them for hosting and email, should it not be my decision which emails or content we want blocked?  I wish I could say this was an isolated issue, but unfortunately it is not, this has happened several times in the past, both internally and with clients and vendors as well.

I understand the need to block certain content based on spam scores and reputations of domains and IP’s,  but this is taking things too far don’t you think?  As a company that is paying for a service shouldn’t we be making the decision of what gets through to our inboxes and what does not?  So you don’t think I just needed an audience I could whine to today, consider this, what if you were sending an important proposal to a client and the client never got it and due to this you lost a major contract? That might seem a bit extreme but not impossible, and even if you take it a step down and the email just wasn’t getting to them and you had to send it from your Gmail account instead of from your company email, doesn’t this make you look bad, unprofessional? I think it does.

So my message to Godaddy is quit meddling in our business affairs, we pay you for a service, let us decide what and who we want coming into our inbox.  I’m thinking of filing a complaint with Danica Patrick the Go Daddy Girl, maybe we can discuss this issue over dinner and drinks…..