LinkedIn: Endorse this!

I am not a big social media guy in my personal life, but when it comes to business I absolutely think Social Media is the best thing since target marketing was invented, and the best place to do this is LinkedIn.  Yes I really love LinkedIn, and I spend a considerable amount of time each day networking and responding to emails and even putting together deals.  To date I have over 7000 connections; now here’s the thing, I have done business with some of those 7000, but obviously not all of them, and from time to time I get a recommendation request from someone who I have not done business with, and I always politely explain to that person that I do not do recommendations for people that I have not done business with.  Why?  Because I would be lying to the general public by recommending this person, and I would be saying things about them that I do not know to be true, and that reflects badly on me, I consider my word to be gold, so I am not risking my reputation on someone that I have not done business with. Continue reading