Pop-Up Opportunity

For retailers, or those looking to start up in retail there is a new opportunity. Pop-Up shops provide temporary low-rent access to retail space and are starting to expand in the UK. There was an awareness that high street retailers were losing out to online retailers and out-of-town stores. This led to a lot of empty retail space and some high streets that were full of charity shops, discount stores and empty store fronts. Enterprise campaign StartUp Britain launched an initiative turning empty shops into trading environments for small companies. Emma Jones, a co-founder, announced “StartUp High Street gives small start-up businesses a fantastic opportunity to think big and become a part of their local high street. We’re seeing record numbers of people setting up businesses, and this new wave of entrepreneurs are starting out small and online, so to get them onto the high street is a great achievement.” Early adopters include start-ups like jewellery designer Maria Allen and cycle accessories company Vulpine. Continue reading