Has the Internet changed The Fundamentals of Marketing?

A couple of years ago I wrote the following article about whether or not the Internet has changed the Fundamentals of Marketing, and since then I have read many articles relating to this topic and I have had many conversations with both professional colleagues and students about whether these fundamentals still apply and whether the Internet needs its own set of Fundamentals. I recently found a site touting the 10 fundamentals of online marketing and while the information was sound, much of it was very familiar in the sense it could be found in one way or another in the Fundamentals of Marketing and the rest were not really what I would consider fundamentals but more basic marketing common sense. I encourage you to click on the link above and read them, and then read on what I have written and you decide. Continue reading

Is It Time To Invite Affiliates To Your Business Model?

When is it time to invite online affiliates into your marketing and sales plan?  To answer this, you need to ask the right questions and assess your businesses’ strengths and vulnerabilities.  Your answers will determine your expectations, and which direction is right for your products or services in the complex landscape of online performance based marketing.

This article delves into the questions you need to ask yourself when analyzing the decision to add affiliate’s to your marketing plan.  Subsequent articles in this series will address how to get started as well as ongoing considerations of maintaining a well run and profitable affiliate marketing channel.

Affiliate marketing, or more appropriately, performance marketing, has for almost 2 decades provided online and offline merchants and retailers with much needed distribution for their products and services.  Performance marketing is the “secret” channel that online success stories such as Amazon, eBay and most recently Groupon have used to catapult their profits.  By employing 10’s of 1000’s of creative and niche focused online outlets to sell their products and services, they have learned how to lower their marketing costs and increase their user base and ultimately positively impact their bottom line. Continue reading