The Entrepreneur; A Life Misunderstood

I am an entrepreneur, through and through, I always have been and I always will be.  Many people, including those very close to me do not really understand what this means; what being an entrepreneur is.  If you were to ask someone what an entrepreneur was the answer you would most likely get is “Someone who is in business for themselves”, A small business owner, someone who takes financial risks in order to make a profit”.  All of these answers are correct… But far from being a full definition of what an entrepreneur is.   These answers are similar to the question, “what is a human being” with the answer “A mammal with two legs that stands upright, with two upper limbs, two hands, and ten fingers”.  While this answer is completely accurate a human being is much more than this, as is an entrepreneur much more than those answers above.  So what exactly is an Entrepreneur then? Continue reading