Getting Linked-in

Linked-in is a major social media for professionals, that offers opportunities to find other professionals and get introductions, write your own personal profile, join relevant groups and get the latest industry news and comments, and provides a platform for your company profile. For those with limited experience of using social media or linked-in here’s a couple of recent useful articles to help direct your activity. Continue reading

Social Media – Hints and Tips

In the spirit of sharing at this time of the year, let me direct you to a couple of quick hints and tips which may help in making social media work for you.

Four social media wins from the UK and US, plus the lessons you can learn, highlights ideas that range from; Offer something of value, show people behind the scenes, offer a deal, and show people what your business does. Not only are these things any business can do, but they all make perfect business sense and can be part and parcel of your marketing/sales activity. A lot of social media success stories tend to be from large companies so it’s nice to be able to share some ideas from the small business sector. Even more appealing are that these ideas can be used in your own business, and can be implemented without a huge marketing budget. Continue reading

Using social media

Every man and their dog seem to feel they need to be tweeting, and doing Pinterest and Facebook, as well as numerous other “social media” stuff to have a thriving business. A lot of start up’s seem to believe that doing social media will result in universal appeal and instant success. Somewhere between that fallacy and doing nothing is probably the area most businesses need to be investing in social media. So what is social media anyway? Continue reading

Does a blog help my business?

The question that many businesses have asked over the past few years is, “Does a blog help my business, and if so how?”  The answer is yes it can absolutely help your business in multiple ways.  My stance for many years has been that if you are writing quality content about the product or service that are selling, these articles are showing that you are an expert in your field, that you know what you are talking about, and you and your company is the place to go if someone is looking for this particular product or service.  But a blog does a lot more than this…. Continue reading

LinkedIn: Endorse this!

I am not a big social media guy in my personal life, but when it comes to business I absolutely think Social Media is the best thing since target marketing was invented, and the best place to do this is LinkedIn.  Yes I really love LinkedIn, and I spend a considerable amount of time each day networking and responding to emails and even putting together deals.  To date I have over 7000 connections; now here’s the thing, I have done business with some of those 7000, but obviously not all of them, and from time to time I get a recommendation request from someone who I have not done business with, and I always politely explain to that person that I do not do recommendations for people that I have not done business with.  Why?  Because I would be lying to the general public by recommending this person, and I would be saying things about them that I do not know to be true, and that reflects badly on me, I consider my word to be gold, so I am not risking my reputation on someone that I have not done business with. Continue reading