Unions – Bad for Business?

I have never been a fan of unions, I think they are counterproductive to a business being successful; don’t get me wrong, unions had a purpose in the past, but not so much today.  In the past, unions were created to protect the workers, but that is not really a necessity today because today every state has a Labor Division and the U.S. Congress passes laws that protect workers and their rights, Unions are no longer there to protect the workers just to decrease the amount of workers and increase the amount that is paid to those working.  As someone who has ran his own company for many years, here is my thought; if I hire you to do a job at $12 an hour and you agree to this prior to taking the job, I should not have my business hijacked because you decide to go on strike a few months from now because you want to make $18 an hour.  You agreed to $12 if you didn’t want that, than you shouldn’t have taken the job, if your situation has changed and you are not happy or able to survive on that amount, than find another job.  While most companies will give promotions and pay raises for those doing good work, they are not required to do so, they only have to pay what they agreed to.   They are not required to raise your salary, or your vacation days, or the benefits that you get; only what they agreed to when they hired you.  If you are not happy; quit, find another job, start your own company, whatever works. Continue reading