The Importance of Understanding Your Customer

If you have a business degree or have ever taken a marketing class you know that one of the things that is highly stressed is the importance of target marketing and segmenting your target.  I stress these very same ideals in every marketing class that I have ever taught.  But is target marketing and segmenting enough?  No it is not, you also need to understand your customer.  Targeting and segmenting is extremely important, but so is understanding your customer, these go hand in hand.  How can you market to someone who you do not understand?  In my opinion you really can’t. Continue reading

Do you understand your customer?

In my  many years of doing business I have come to the conclusion that many companies do not understand their customers’ needs  and one might ask themselves how that is possible; how can you be in business and not understand what drives your customers needs?  It is absolutely essential that a company is able to understand and identify what their customer’s’ needs are.  I have found that one of the biggest issues is that with the technology that is available today that the customer has dramatically changed, the problem is the mentality of many companies has not. Continue reading