Social Media – Relationship marketing not Retail marketing.

I was sifting through the posts and updates on Facebook tonight, just trying to catch up on what some of my family and friends out of state were up to, and I had to scroll through several advertisement posts to get to one real post.  Now the reason is because I use my Facebook for both personal and business contacts, and some of my business contacts post some good stuff, links to news reports or business articles, or they post a link to a blog article that they wrote, which is great.  However, what some are doing is using Facebook like it’s a classified ad, and this one company in particular posts several times every single day promoting different products trying to drive traffic to their website to generate sales.  This is not the purpose of Facebook; this is not the purpose of Social Media.


Social Media is about networking and creating new relationships, it is relationship marketing; it is not meant to be used as an advertising forum or to create a push campaign, and people that do this actually ruin the atmosphere the rest of us are attempting to create.  I guess some people just don’t get the word “Social” and in my opinion it just cheapens their product and company.  It’s like going to a business networking event, some people will walk around with literature and business cards, and hand them out to everyone and spend the entire time trying to sell their products, and to me these type of people just come off cheap and after shaking their hands, I feel the overwhelming urge to run to the restroom and wash my hands.  The smart people at this event will walk around, mingle, introduce themselves, make conversation, and just try to make now contacts, new friends; this is what networking is all about.  Now don’t get me wrong, we are all in business to make money, but coming off like a sleazy salesman whose only goal is to close a deal is not the way to go about this.  Networking is about meeting new people and creating new relationships that will last a long time. In the course of that relationship if you have something to offer that the other needs, than whom better to get it from than someone you already have a relationship with.  That is what Social Media is; it is a virtual networking environment to meet new people, to interact with existing friends, business associates, clients, vendors, partners, not a place to shove your products and services down everyone’s throat.  By now business owners and executives should understand what Social Media is and how it works.

“But this right now”, “Time is running out”, these are quickly becoming advertising methods of the past; retail selling is being taken over by relationship marketing.  Social Media is here to stay, and if you as a business plan on being here to stay, than you need to learn and understand the new rules of marketing or you will surely become an antiquated business very quickly.

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